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Family Development

Touching the Whole Family

NCBA is not just a program for adolescent boys; it is a program for the whole family. Life transformation cannot truly take place in a young man's life unless his family is growing and learning alongside of him. We offer parents support, training, and tools to establish their homes as places of trust, love, respect, and unity - a place where every member of the family can thrive.
Parent Weekends

Parent weekends are a time when parents are able to connect with other families, attend training sessions, and visit with their sons. Each of these elements are critical to family transformation and as such are a required part of our program for all parents. Parent weekends occur monthly on campus and schedules are given to parents upon their son's enrollment in NCBA. 

Parent Homework

Students aren't the only ones at NCBA with assignments to do. As a part of the parent program, parents are given a list of resources to work on throughout their 15 month journey with NCBA. These resources coordinate with Parent Weekend trainings and further equip parents for their role in their son's life. 
Life Model for Parents

Parents are given extensive training on the Life Model through studying the books Living from the Heart Jesus Gave You and Joy Starts Here. The Life Model helps parents to work on their own maturity and growth, while also helping them understand their role in their son's maturity and development. 
Center for Family Transformation

Another resource that we highly recommend to parents is the Center for Family Transformation. We encourage families who need additional support and counseling to explore the options offered by the Center for Family Transformation. Their team is ready to support your family as you heal, connect and transform. Contact them today for more information.