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Emotional Development

Treating the Whole Person

The Maturity Process

Deep in the right hemisphere of every human brain is a control center than develops during the first two years after conception. This center will run our lives and bodies, and provided we develop a strong one, will see us through the tempests of life. We seek to train and restore this control center. With it we can regulate our emotions, act like ourselves and stay synchronized inside and out.
The LIFE Model

The majority of our maturity training and emotional development comes from the Life Model book Living From the Heart Jesus Gave You. The LIFE Model does not just talk about growing - it gives our students and families practical steps on how to mature. The LIFE model does not just promote recovery - it identifies ways to heal trauma. The LIFE Model challenges our students and families to change and grow and be the people that God designed them to be.
Click here to learn more about the LIFE model.

    The Five to Thrive

    The LIFE Model suggests that people need five things in order to thrive: 
    A place to belong
    To both receive and give life
    The capacity to recover from malfunction
    To stay true to their identities

    Those five elements apply, whether we consider physical, emotional, family, community, or spiritual growth. Thriving means building a strong control center through joyful attachment bonds that bring peace and return us to joy when we become upset. 
    How We Do It

    NCBA provides a variety of ways in which to foster emotional development. 

    Individual counseling sessions
    Substance abuse counseling
    Counseling with LPC's from The Center for Family Transformation
    Equine Therapy
    Campus community meetings
    The LIFE Model training
    Discipline review meetings
    Parent Training Workshops