Spiritual Development: Transforming the Whole Person

Helping Students Connect with and Follow Jesus

What sets us apart from conventional treatment facilities is our focus on God. Our Jesus Factor spiritual development program centers on two important things: God’s word and the power of the Holy Spirit. Our program aims to achieve the following:


  • Encourage students to forge a connection with their Christian faith
  • Inspire students to seek the guiding light of Christ
  • Provide a faith-based environment to promote healing
  • Encourage students to enter a new life with Jesus at the center
  • Impart teachings from the bible, which students can incorporate into their routines
  • Offer resources to empower students and allow them to overcome their life-controlling struggles
Spiritual Mentoring
Studying God’s Words

Program Duration

Our spiritual development program is from 15 to 18 months to allow students to reconnect with God and form a powerful connection with their faith. It also helps individuals avoid spiritual relapse. Spending several months in the program gives students more time to form and develop a meaningful relationship with God and recognize their worth.


This word refers to a lifelong process of following the footsteps of Jesus Christ by believing in Him and obeying His word. We offer a discipleship program that enables students to establish a personal relationship with the Lord. Students who are part of this training will learn how to pray every day, study the word of God, and bond with Christian communities. The other features of our program are:  
  • Personal Devotion Time
  • Group Morning Devotions
  • General/Personal Studies for New Life in Christ 
  • Campus Worship
  • Church Services at Christ Alive Church
  • Mentoring
Give us a call at 828-256-2126 for further inquiries about our spiritual development program.

Character Development


An important part of spiritual development is growing in character and maturity. One of the ways that we facilitate character development is through our program stages. Each stage has specific character targets and responsibilities.


Student Learner: Simple Obedience, Self-Control, Respect, Honesty


Student Servant: Servanthood, Perseverance, Humility, Courage


Student Servant Leader: Decisiveness, Discernment, Compassion, Faithfulness

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Where Life Transformation Happens! Inquiries and applications are being accepted now.

6692 Valwood RoadConover, NC 28613

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