Spiritual Development

transforming the whole person

The “Jesus Factor”

The biggest difference between us and a traditional recovery center is our focus on Christ. We call this the “Jesus Factor.” Our program focuses on the power of the Holy Spirit and God’s Word to give our students a guiding light. We encourage our students to form a stronger connection to their faith. This makes a huge difference in their recovery. We provide a faith-based environment to encourage healing and a new life in Christ. We instill Biblical teachings into our daily routines. We give our students the tools they need to empower themselves through God.


Our program usually lasts 15-18 months. This gives our students the time they need to reconnect with God and form a strong connection. The combination of Christian values and a long recovery period makes all the difference. Our length of program is another big reason that our students avoid relapse. It gives them the time they need to heal and think about who they can be without depending on drugs and alcohol. They are able to create a real and meaningful connection to God.




Discipleship is the process where a person becomes a disciple of Jesus – a student. We are a discipleship program. This means that we help our students form a personal relationship with Jesus. Part of their training involves studying God’s Word, learning the daily practice of prayer, and forming meaningful connections within the Christian community.


  • Personal Devotion Time

  • Group Morning Devotions

  • General/Personal Studies for New Life in Christ 

  • Campus Worship

  • Church Services at Christ Alive Church

  • Mentoring




At NCBA, discipline is developed through structure and guidelines. It is never meant to punish or demean, but to promote life transformation. Discipline often includes writing assignments to help shape a student’s heart and character. Our Discipline Review Team meets weekly with students to encourage them in their development and maturity. 

Character Development


An important part of spiritual development is growing in character and maturity. One of the ways that we facilitate character development is through our program stages. Each stage has specific character targets and responsibilities.


Student Learner: Simple Obedience, Self-Control, Respect, Honesty


Student Servant: Servanthood, Perseverance, Humility, Courage


Student Servant Leader: Decisiveness, Discernment, Compassion, Faithfulness

Where Life Transformation Happens!
Inquiries and applications are being accepted now.

6692 Valwood RoadConover, NC 28613

Where Life Transformation Happens! Inquiries and applications are being accepted now.

6692 Valwood RoadConover, NC 28613

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