Academic Excellence Program

Every student comes to NCBA with different academic credits and requirements. AOA offers flexibility that allows us to develop an academic plan tailored to each individual student.

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Accredited regionally by NCA CASI and SACS CASI of Cognia and internationally by ACSI, AOA has earned the highest educational standards for excellence, which help your student when applying at a college or university.

Qualified Teachers

The AOA faculty offers proven teaching excellence and on-on-one instruction. All teachers at Alpha Omega Academy have a degree or certification in the fields they teach.


Depending on the credits that a student transfers to AOA, some students are able to complete highschool and graduate with their diploma while at NCBA.


Alpha Omega Academy offers a full set of courses at affordable prices. You can’t beat the value of a Christian education at AOA.

Live Teacher Support

AOA teachers are available to talk directly with students via phone and online meetings to offer support and additional teaching.

Elective Credits

Students are able to earn elective credits for their high school transcripts through our in-house classes, Physical Training and Bible Class.

Christian Worldview

AOA educates students academically and spiritually. The curriculum seeks to integrate a Biblical worldview into every subject.

Extra Curricular Classes

We offer several extra classes outside of the online classroom environment for our students. These include Communications, Art and History, among others.

Internet Security Safeguards

Student computers are programmed to restrict all internet access with the exception of AOA related websites. Students do not have access to email or social networking sites while attending NCBA.

For residents who graduate, our graduation ceremonies are a big celebration of the transformation that has taken place in their life. The evening begins with a very nice decorated dinner that is designed for the graduating students, their families, and invited guests. The graduation service directly follows dinner. Students are presented to the audience in appropriate fanfare, dressed in graduation attire – a gap, tassel, and gown. In honor of graduation our student choir and drama team each performs special selections. There are presentations of completion certificates (including the high school diploma when completed), a special time a sharing for the student and family, and benediction given by a special guest speaker.
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Where Life Transformation Happens!
Inquiries and applications are being accepted now.

6692 Valwood RoadConover, NC 28613

Where Life Transformation Happens! Inquiries and applications are being accepted now.

6692 Valwood RoadConover, NC 28613

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Copyright © 2020 by All rights reserved. | Sitemap

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